About Ventura County Volunteer Coordinators Council

The VCVCC Mission

The Ventura County Volunteer Coordinators Council is an organization dedicated to recognizing volunteer service, increasing awareness of the value and need for volunteers, initiating and maintaining a central system for those who wish to volunteer in their community and to provide a forum for sharing information, activities and common needs.

Who is VCVCC?

We are Ventura County’s only organization dedicated to promoting excellence among volunteer managers in the no-profit and public arena. Our members are passionate and committed professionals who care deeply about their volunteers and their organizations. Each works with volunteers although that may not be their primary job duty. We offer opportunities for networking, leadership and professional growth in the field of volunteer management.

What Does VCVCC Do?

We promot professionalism in the field of volunteer management by offering opportunities for professional and personal growth to our members.

Meetings feature networking and educational training opportunities. We also offer opportunities to recognize outstanding volunteers in our community. Leadership opportunities are available to both new and experienced volunteer managers. Our goal is to help members further their journey to excellence in volunteer management.


  • Sponsoring workshops, guest speakers and other educational activities for volunteering
  • Offering referrals for those interested in volunteering
  • Providing a forum for information sharing among those who work with volunteers
  • Increasing public awareness of the value of the services volunteers perform
  • Recognizing outstanding volunteer service